The cons are the fuel economy and the slight amount more that it costs to maintain it. Moses Lake, WA. Toyota revealed the newest member of the Prius family at the 2016 New York auto show, the 2017 Prius Prime plug-in hybrid variant. The price of Toyota Camry [2019-2022] Hybrid [2019-2020] and Toyota Prius 1.8 Z8 CVT is N/A and N/A respectively.The claimed mileage for Toyota Camry [2019-2022] Hybrid [2019-2020] is 19.3 . Prius vs. Competition Compare Prius Models. . Standard Engine (Horsepower) Prius gets noticeably better . So the Prius . Dimensions. Dubbed the most advanced Prius yet, the Prius Prime . Hybrid Camry and the kids are two at the end of this month. However, the 2021 Corolla is more efficient when it comes to gas mileage. . Passenger Capacity (both models): 5 people. Change Vehicle. 28 city/39 highway fuel economy**. The 2015 Toyota Prius V is the Prius model that has the most space at an EPA-estimated interior volume of 131.5 cubic compared to the 2015 Prius C at 104.5 cubic feet and the 2015 Prius at 115.3 cubic feet. 2020 Ford Fusion. However, the Toyota Camry has more room where it counts. 2. Seating capacity 5 5 5 Overhead console storage . Ownership costs. the Delivery, Processing, and Handling Fee of $995 for Cars (Yaris HB, Yaris, Yaris iA, 86, Corolla, Corolla HB, Camry, Camry HV, Prius LB, Prius c . The angled rear screen doesn't help matters, but a standard rear parking camera is handy and, if you're still not sold, you can get self-parking technology, too. SE: Pricing. Toyota charges $24,525 for the most affordable version of the Prius, a trim level called L Eco. Other front-drive models are rated for 54 mpg city and 50 . Curb Weight: 3010 lbs. $26,285. I am also torn about a 2011 vs a 2012 prius. The Camry is a larger, heavier vehicle with a larger engine in it - 2.5l. Colors. The Prius starts at $24,525, whereas the Corolla starts at $23,650. Slightly larger than the Prius C, the standard Prius offers a pleasant drive and ample room for a larger family and enjoyable over longer-lasting journeys. See how the 2017 Toyota Sienna SE Premium FWD 8 Passenger stands up to the Honda Odyssey EX-L in this vehicle comparison on, an official Toyota site. I was PLOWED into from behind to which I plowed into the car in front of me. The current generation of the Prius debuted for 2016, and the Prius Prime plug-in-hybrid version was added for 2017. By C. hris Riley -27 May 2016. ev guide Toyota Prius i-Tech 2016 review. Interior; Wheel Size; Speed; News . . $27,980. I bought the TCH because I didn't like the interior of the Gen III Prius. Starting Price (MSRP) 7.8. and we're a one-car family. The Auris on the opposite side offers you a compromised boot because the battery takes up the full space. Select configuration: LE Plug-in Hybrid (Natl) $28,670. I think in a nutshell: Prius Feels like its overriding priority is to save gas and everything else is s. 2022 Toyota Prius. Transmission: Continuously Variable (eCVT) -inc: Electronically controlled. By P. aul Gover -22 Apr 2016. The Toyota Camry's larger size does not just mean that its sporty interior is roomier than the Toyota Corolla's, but it also shows in the Toyota Camry's large and powerful engine. The interior is slightly smaller than the Prius, with 87.4 cu in of passenger volume and 17.1 cu in of cargo volume. Reg Corolla is about $22k CAD (6.6l/100km) Hybrid is about $25k (4.5L/100km) The difference is 2L of fuel approx/ 100km so 4L round trip. Use our comparison tool to see over 140 data points, including price, trims, reliability ratings, mpg, rankings, horsepower, depreciation, and standard and optional equipment. COLLAPSE ALL.

Regenerative 4-Wheel Disc Brakes w/4-Wheel ABS . Efficiency-focused drivers often end up choosing between Yaris or Prius, and it's easy to see why. Due to its increase in side, the 2015 Prius V has a . .

Learn more about the 2009 Toyota Prius. If you frequently transport cargo or passengers in your vehicle, then the Toyota Camry may be the better model for you. 2020 Toyota Prius Prime.

The Fusion Hybrid is not quite as powerful as the Camry Hybrid, but its 42 mpg combined and 85 mph top speed in electric-only mode both top the Camry. However, my brother-in-law has a Prius V which I really like. On the outside, the Civic is bigger than the Prius. Get 2009 Toyota Prius values, consumer reviews, safety ratings, and find cars for sale near you. Select configuration: L Eco (Natl) $25,075. I bought the TCH because I didn't like the interior of the Gen III Prius. The Civic is 182.3 inches long, 70.8 inches wide and 55.7 inches tall, while the Prius is 178.7 inches long, 69.3 inches wide and 58.1 inches tall. Exterior styling reflects the interior of each car with the Camry's bodywork hard and stiff, with rounded off lines and a robust shape. Every new Toyota comes with ToyotaCare, * a maintenance plan that covers normal factory scheduled maintenance with the purchase or lease of every new Toyota for 2 years or 25,000 miles, whichever comes first. Roomieness - family ( Camry ) .. self ( Prius ) Performance - same speed in 0-60 test ( ~ 12 sec ) Features - Basic 4 wheels ( Camry ) more upscale ( Prius ) Net Purchase Price - Under $20K ( Camry ) $22-27K ( Prius ) Tax advantage - Zero ( Camry ) vs ~$600 this yr or ~$3000 next yr ( Prius ) Coolness factor - Zero ( Camry ) vs all you want ( Prius ) On the other hand, the Camry offers far more interior space for passengers, especially in the rear seating area. On the outside, the Prius Prime borrows some details from the fuel-cell Mirai and we think it looks better than the standard Prius . CHANGE VEHICLE. According to the EPA, the thriftiest Prius Eco earns up to 58 mpg in the city and 53 mpg on the highway. Whatever we buy will hopefully last awhile. $3000 (price difference between c & chybrid)/$5=600 trips.

So in theory it'll take 600 trips for you to justify the the difference in price. The 1994 Land Cruiser has 360,000 miles. 2021 Honda Accord. The Toyota Camry and the Ford Fusion are both classified as mid-size sedans, making their interior dimensions similar in most areas. So how does the standard model hold up against the Toyota Prius C? See the Camry vs. Fusion . 2022 Toyota Camry - 100.4 cubic feet / 15.1 cubic feet. 203 hp. Inside, its spacious cabin is packed with the same technology you can get on a normal Fusion. Just choose your location and pick a vehicle category to get started. The difference between the Camry LE and SE when it comes to price is small, and both are affordable to most Madison budgets: Toyota Camry LE price starts at $25,295 MSRP*. The 2015 Toyota Prius is still the most fuel-efficient gasoline car on the market, at 50 mpg; its iconic hatchback shape offers a spacious interior that can seat five, though the handling is . The Toyota Prius is unbeatable when it comes to room in the trunk. I've had 2 Prius and now my Camry TCH. Weight is a major nemesis of fuel economy, and engineers cut around 250 pounds from the new hybrid. Price. . The Prius has an extensive boot together with a pleasantly constructed floor; the ground darkens a "mystery compartment" thereunder. $24,970. Battle 1: Functions. COLLAPSE ALL. . 2021 Toyota Prius Prime Exterior L/W/H: 182.9/69.3/57.9 inches. 2.5L i-VCT Engine. The Pros for the . The larger battery in Prius Prime models enables them to offer an estimated 25 miles of pure-electric drivingenough range for gas-free daily commuting for many Americans. I wanted to at least get a glimpse of a new Prius Prime but none were on the lot. 175 hp. Inside, the Prius has 39 inches of front seat headroom and 43 inches of legroom, while the Corolla offers 38 inches and 42 inches, respectively. It's roomier and has good mileage. Fuel Economy and Real-World MPG. Comparing average pricing near. Starting msrp *. SiriusXM Radio. The price of Toyota Camry [2019-2022] Hybrid [2019-2020] and Toyota Prius 1.8 Z8 CVT is N/A and N/A respectively.The claimed mileage for Toyota Camry [2019-2022] Hybrid [2019-2020] is 19.3 . 2022 Toyota Prius. I'd go with another brand for now if you want to have a system like Entune/Scout that actually work. That puts it in the same class as the Toyota Camry, Honda Accord, Nissan Altima, and Chevrolet Malibu. Nov 2, 2014 (Edited) The V has a lot more cargo room than the Camry, it's a full on wagon in there, size wise the regular Prius is a better comparison. Compare Toyota models and see how we stack up against the competition. Larger, heavier vehicles generally provide more protection than smaller, lighter ones. Compare 2022 Toyota Camry Hybrid vs. 2022 Toyota Prius . Thanks to a 2.5-liter, 16-valve, 4-cylinder engine, the 2012 Toyota Camry Hybrid outputs a total hybrid system net power of 200 horsepower. The features you choose can obviously affect the price one way or the other, but the RAV4 comes with more standard . 2022 Toyota Camry LE 4dr Sedan (2.5L 4cyl 8A) 2022 Toyota Prius L Eco 4dr Hatchback (1.8L 4cyl gas/electric hybrid CVT) No . 2021 Toyota Corolla Hybrid Interior Passenger Volume: 88.6 cubic feet. Size: 192.1" length, 56.9" height 180" length, 57.9" height -Drivetrain: Front Wheel Drive: Front Wheel Drive- Apr 8, 2016. If the Insight is a better car than a Prius, the Ioniq is a much better deal. The futuristic interior on the Prius Prime does look different as well. Toyota Camry vs Toyota Corolla- Passenger Volume / Trunk Volume. This car measures just 25mm longer than a Corolla sedan (4645mm long), and it's only 1775mm wide (the same as a Corolla sedan) and 1590mm tall, because it needs a bit more room to fit seven people in. $25,295. I was surprised to find a 2019 Camry Hybrid LE model that the sticker listed its mpg at 51/53. Safety scores should only be compared between vehicles of similar size and weight. Answer (1 of 5): If you plan on using the Entune/Scout system, maps, etc. $25,075. Oh how I wish cash for clunkers was back. (this is, Feb 2018). Compared to the Prius, the Prius c is 9 inches shorter, has a 6-inch narrower wheelbase, and loses more than 500 lbs in curb weight. 2022 Toyota Prius. I've had 2 Prius and now my Camry TCH. Starting Price (MSRP) 8.1. The center stack houses a large 11.6-inch display on the top-trim XLE (7 inches on the base LE) and Toyota Safety Sense is standard as well. 2022 Toyota Prius Prime. Should have been more clear. Regardless of whether you choose a Toyota Camry LE or SE, you're going to be thrilled with the price. Toyota Safety Sense 2.5+ (TSS 2.5+) is standard in the 2021 Camry, while the 2021 Corolla comes standard with Toyota Safety Sense 2.0 (TSS 2.0). Just choose your location and pick a vehicle category to get started. Though it lacks the polish of the Insight and definitely goes by the Prius design . Two other misconceptions on this thread: All-wheel-drive Prius "AWD-e" models followed for 2019. The Standard Toyota Prius. Answer (1 of 14): Having owned both (2009 Camry and 2011 Prius) and having driven 2005 Prius (1week) and 2012 Camry XLE (1 week), my observations are very similar to the comments already made. But as one pint-sized tester put it this week, it's one very big little car. Interior. Compare the 2022 Toyota Camry Hybrid with the 2022 Toyota Prius: car rankings, scores, . It's important to mention that both the Toyota Camry and the Ford Fusion offer hybrid models for drivers who want to save more fuel on their daily commute. By B. ill McKinnon -16 May 2016 3.0. ev guide Toyota Prius i-Tech 2016 review.

Interior; Maximum Seating: 5 seats 5 seats Front Legroom: 42.3 in 42.1 in Back Legroom: 33.4 in 38 in Payload and Towing; Cargo Volume: 27.4 cu ft 15.1 cu ft Maximum Payload: 825 lbs 925 lbs Exterior; Length: 180 in On comparing Toyota Prius vs Auris, we see that Prius offers an enormous advantage . Compare the 2021 Toyota Prius with the 2020 Toyota Camry Hybrid: car rankings, scores, . Redesigned for the 2015 model year, the Camry provides a more athletic, eye-catching design that is reflected by energetic engine options and a serene, innovative interior. When it comes to horsepower, the Toyota Camry has a much more powerful engine than the Toyota Corolla. . . Toyota Prius For Sale Toyota Prius Full Review Toyota Prius Trims Comparison. 93.7 cu ft passenger space vs 102.7 cu ft passenger space in the Camry. The Toyota Camry has a larger turning radius than the Toyota Corolla, making it slightly more difficult to maneuver in and out of tight spots. Width: 69.3 inches . . Toyota Prius Prime For Sale Toyota Prius Prime Full Review Toyota Prius Prime Trims . Aerodynamics plays an important . Size: 192.1" length, 56.9" height 180" length, 57.9" height -Drivetrain: Front Wheel Drive: Front Wheel Drive- You can expect to pay $4,000-5,000 more for a RAV4 hybrid. Both give you control of connective features, like: Android Auto. Engine: 1.8L 4-Cylinder DOHC 16V VVT-i -inc: aluminum block and head. With plenty of headroom and legroom in the front and back, this midsize sedan fits five people in roomy, supportive seating. Length. Vs. 2021 Honda Accord. 21 city/31 highway fuel economy. That's the only starting price for the Corolla Hybrid, too, since there is only one trim . Seating capacity 5 5 5 Overhead console storage . When it comes to interior technology, you may find the available 11.6-inch touchscreen in the 2022 Toyota Prius more user-friendly than the available 10.25-inch touchscreen in the IONIQ. As always, you can reach out to our sales specialists should you have any questions about how the new Camry stacks up against the Accord or any other sedan. 2021 Honda Accord Starting Price: $24,970 | Price Yours or View listings near you.

That said, our previous car(s) were a Saturn and an Acura Integra, not huge sedans. Change Vehicle. Safety scores should only be compared between vehicles of similar size and weight. While the standard Camry packs the same 2.5-litre four-cylinder, the Hybrid's ICE output is slightly lower, at 131kW. . 2022 Toyota Camry. CHANGE VEHICLE. Perhaps the shining feature of the standard Toyota Prius is its famous efficiency.

I probably won't buy another TCH and will shop around to see what I like best for comfort. Overall Interior Volume: 122.7 cubic feet. Compare 2021 Toyota Prius vs. 2020 Toyota Camry Hybrid . The interior is a different story, as the Prius actually bests the Civic in a few dimensions. Colors. The price difference and what that chunk of change will get you. Where the rear seats of the Prius only offer 33.4 inches of rear legroom, the Camry Hybrid offers a much more generous 38 inches. Prius Efficiency: Makes up to 58 mpg in the city and 53 mpg on the highway.**. Size: 189.8" length, 57.7" height 189.2" length, 57.9" height 176.4" length, 58.7" height -Drivetrain: Front Wheel Drive: Front Wheel Drive Pricing. 2021 Toyota Prius Prime Interior Passenger Volume: 91.5 cubic feet. How do the Toyota Prius and Toyota IONIQ Hybrid compare? . Height. The Nissan Maxima and the Toyota Camry are classified as mid-size sedans, meaning they offer a spacious interior for your passengers and your cargo. 2.5L Dynamic Force Engine. Above Average: Spacious interior; athletic handling; choice of two engines; available hybrid . The average RAV4 hybrid price comes in just under $27,000 while the Prius slots in just under $23,000. Subject: Car for someone with kids: Prius vs. Camry Hybrid vs . 24-hour Roadside Assistance * is also included for 3 years and unlimited miles. How does the interior space for people and stuff compare? Toyota Prius vs Toyota Camry Hybrid. The 2019 Prius mpg is listed at 54/50. 2021 Maxima vs. Camry: Interior Dimensions. Larger, heavier vehicles generally provide more protection than smaller, lighter ones. However, my brother-in-law has a Prius V which I really like. Although the Hybrid Camry Luxury is larger, more powerful and faster, the Prius i-Tech comes in a hefty $13,500 costlier. Toyota Camry Hybrid For Sale Toyota Camry Hybrid Full Review Toyota Camry Hybrid Trims Comparison. Toyota has been smart enough, though, to give people the chance to get into the base Prius for the same $39,990 that buys the up-spec Hybrid Camry Luxury. The Toyota Camry price is 43.45 Lakh and Toyota Prius price is 45.43 Lakh. Read our Hyundai Ioniq Review. Comparing average pricing near. Camry LE vs. Starting MSRP*. Camry models come standard with a stronger engine, including a powerful V6. Select configuration: Hybrid LE CVT. While the two hybrids are similar in size and scale and offer about equal fuel economy, the more established Prius marque will set you back a little more money from entry level. Width (excluding mirrors) 1,760mm. Camry is a bit larger, same headroom but 3" extra shoulder room and 3" extra rear leg room. This reduction in weight is good for fuel economy, achieving up to 53/46 mpg* with the same engine. Both cars use quality materials inside, but the Camry has an edge with a smart, practical layout. The Toyota Camry is available in 2487 cc engine . $27,685. Toyota Prius vs 2010 Honda . I compare 2021 Camry Hybrid LE and Corolla Hybrid LE so you can decide!My Amazon "Top Picks" RAV4 is Am. When paired with a hybrid motor, the total power figure is a pretty decent 160kW, but the torque figure appears to be unaffected, at 202Nm. Cost to own: Toyota Prius . My husband was totally against the car initially because of it's size. Prius vs. Competition Compare Prius Models. Efficiency. My Pros for the Camry are that it is larger, quieter, and is a far more comfortable ride. With multiple trims, including hybrid options . The 2021 Camry offers more cargo space. 2012 Toyota Camry Hybrid. Toyota Camry SE price starts at $26,835 MSRP*. 4,540mm. Toyota Prius exterior dimensions. 2022 Kia Niro LX 4dr SUV (1.6L 4cyl gas/electric hybrid 6AM) 2022 Toyota Prius L Eco 4dr Hatchback (1.8L 4cyl gas/electric . Ownership costs. The Camry Hybrid beats the compact Prius when it comes to comfort. I hate that in two months my value will drop like a rock. 2021 Toyota Camry. Apple CarPlay. The Prius measures 178 inches long, 69 inches wide and 58 inches tall, while the new Corolla is 182 inches long, 70 inches wide and 56 inches tall.

Performance. The 2015 Toyota Prius V was designed to accommodate more passengers more comfortably. Gas price is approx $1.30/L Your saving on a Round trip is $5. This includes trimming the size and weight of the battery pack. with the Camry and have an Iphone 6 or higher, you need to be aware of a huge problem with the Camry. . And the trunk is reasonably roomy, too. The Toyota Prius clearly comes out ahead for efficiency, but it also starts at $23,475 . The inside is a bit of a marvel in terms of space management. 2021 Toyota Corolla Hybrid Exterior L/W/H: 182.3/70.1/56.5 inches.

I probably won't buy another TCH and will shop around to see what I like best for comfort. More. Interior. Passengers back there will encounter a decent amount of legroom (much more than in the Mazda6), but (unless they have very short legs) insufficient thigh support and (if they're of above-average height) the headliner. The range also includes LE, XLE, and Limited plus a pair of all-wheel . Although similar in width and height, the mid-size Toyota Camry is longer than the more compact Toyota Corolla. . CarWale brings you comparison of Toyota Camry and Toyota Prius. Base 2015 Toyota Camry models near Concord, NH are powered by a fun-to-drive 178-horsepower 2.5-liter four-cylinder that achieves 35 mpg on the highway. The regular Prius also is cheaper and will get even better gas mileage. However, something you should consider is that higher horsepower engines often command . Size. Extra hip room, shoulder room, and headroom in the second row allow passengers to stretch out and relax on Bluffton drives. 51 mpg city! Exterior Dimensions. 2022 Toyota Camry Seat Room and Comfort: Cons: Year: Comment: The rear seat is similarly meh. 2022 Toyota Corolla - 88.6 cubic feet / 13.1 cubic feet. 203-hp 2.5L. Moses Lake, WA. The 2011 Toyota Prius . That's a full 66 horsepower . Conventional for a mid-size sedan, the Camry Hybrid stands . It's roomier and has good mileage. Starting Price (MSRP) 7.5. Compare Toyota models and see how we stack up against the competition. The 2010 Toyota Camry Hybrid offers all the benefits of the well-known Camry sedan with Toyota's proven, reliable hybrid system to hit the market's sweet spot. Yaris Efficiency: Makes up to 30 mpg in the city and 36 mpg on the highway.*. The price of Toyota Prius 1.8 Z8 CVT and Ford Mustang GT Fastback 5.0L v8 is N/A and N/A respectively.The claimed mileage for Toyota Prius 1.8 Z8 CVT is 23.91 kmpl. Dimensions.